Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz

My wife has had this fitness DVD for a couple of years and I have joined her on a number of occasions and I have to say I am really surprised how motivating this workout is and it does provide a good overall HIIT session.

Back in January last year my wife and I decided to give Joe Wick’s ‘lean in 15’ a go and coupled that with doing this DVD as part of our training routine. After the first month we noticed a significant change in our bodies and my wife in particular had great results going down 2 dress sizes. I myself was definitely getting much leaner and starting to see the results I had always wanted. Despite these great results we then had a bump in the road which was devastating to us (another miscarriage) and we fell off the fitness wagon.

Recently since returning to the UK my wife has decided to start up the fitness again, so to support her I have started to join her with her workouts using Charlotte Crosby’s workout DVD. My wife prefers this to the insanity ones as she feels this one is more motivating and fun (if you can call HIIT training fun!), despite having completed the workout numerous times she never seems bored of it and to be honest I am the same.

I decided to blog about this DVD today as this morning we managed to motivate the in-laws to both have a go. What is great about this workout is there is a modifier so for beginners they can still access the workout at a pace that suits them. Both of my in-laws are in their 60’s and they managed to complete 9 of the 12 rounds. My father-in-law did all of the workout without modifying and my mother-in-law despite having some mobility issues managed to complete the majority of the modifier exercises.

For anyone who has ever used the excuses of not having time to workout or being able to afford the gym, I cannot recommend this workout more!  The workout starts with an easy to follow warm up and then there are 12 rounds in total where you work for 3 minutes. It uses many boxing style exercises like punches and skipping with resistance exercises mixed in. The best thing as well is you can get this DVD for just £10.97 currently on Amazon. If you have wanted to do something about your weight and finally reach your fitness goals then this workout is probably for you (obviously you also need to follow the right nutrition to really get the results you want!).

Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz



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