Myprotein Vegan Blend- Review



High quality protein -check, good amount of protein per serving – check, value for money – check, Taste – no no no not so good! I have sampled a number of protein powders in the last couple of years, but was really surprised at the misleading flavour of this one. Although not a vegan, I decided to give this one a go as it was the only Myprotein stocked by the shop and I didn’t want to wait for online delivery. I have had the other non-vegan powders from this brand before and they taste great, so I didn’t think this would be any different.

I originally chose this brand as it is recommended by Joe Wicks the body coach as it has the right levels of protein, fat and carbohydrates to get the results desired from his ‘Lean in 15’ programme. I was always into making my own and experimenting with coco powder, thanks to the mother In-Law’s baking. Coco powder, banana , peanut butter a drizzle of honey and some semi skimmed milk – you should give it a try! I was surprised at the high protein content in coco powder, however you won’t be getting any other benefits like you would with this protein powder. There are a varieties of flavours; apple, blueberry, berry, banana and a particular favourite (although not as good on the nutrition levels) chocolate brownie flavour.

I would certainly recommend giving Myprotein brand a go as they do offer some great tasting protein products, I would however give the vegan blend a miss unless you are a lover of pea protein and the sour taste it gives in these shakes.



Author: Freedom Click

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