Beast Rope – Review



You really have to give this Beast Skipping rope a look, you will be skipping your way to fitness and feeling great within yourself in no time. Release that inner beast. For incredible cardio hit sessions, preparing you for whatever field you are in, whether you’re a boxer, into karate, or just simply love doing cardio, this will definitely have your heart skipping a beat. 

The Beast rope is suitable for all ages and genders, once you have mastered the basics of skipping it is very easy to use. Trust me, I have never been into skipping so I did find myself whipping the backs of my legs at times, (ouch) I hear you say. It is very lightweight, durable and flexible, so this isn’t going to sting as much, as the wire has a protective coating that provides protection from those lashings. There is an awesome adjustable mechanism so that even the smallest to the tallest can use it, not all skipping ropes you come across have this, I thought it was very handy and clever.

Not only is this rope under £15, which I find extremely cheap for something thats going to last as it has the adjustable feature, there is also a very long list of customer reviews (all good), thats what swung it for me. You can’t beat good honest customer feedback, hence the reason I created this blog site. It does come with a really cool little drawstring bag to store your rope in, this allows you to take it out and about easily, there is even room to pop your mobile and wallet. I highly recommend using it, there are no negatives and  I couldn’t rave about it more. Have a look on the link bellow for a absolute deal.


Author: Freedom Click

I am a blogger who loves to share my views and thoughts about all things related to sport, health, fitness and music. I hope you will join me on my journey through discovering new exciting products and the latest crazes in the sports world. Happy reading!

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