Under Armour running shoes – Review

Well I just felt like running…with these moss green (my favourite colour at the moment) running trainers you will definitely feel as though you are running on the clouds. They are very comfortable as they have compressed foam cushioning which allows you to explode off the tarmac during your runs. They are also very supportive of your feet due  to the foam being flexible and form fitting.

Instead of the usual lacing these trainers have a rail fit lacing system which has moveable loops that slide back and forth for a completely adjustable fit, saving you getting tied up in knots and being able to run in style.

The downside is if the heavens open during your run, you are going to find yourself with soggy feet, but if you are a gym bunny then these should cause you no problems running on those treadmills.

Under Armour running shoes – you can purchase them here!







Author: Freedom Click

I am a blogger who loves to share my views and thoughts about all things related to sport, health, fitness and music. I hope you will join me on my journey through discovering new exciting products and the latest crazes in the sports world. Happy reading!

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