Gym Exercise Ball – Review

gymballExercise balls are a perfect addition to your regular workout routine. Not only because they are cheap to buy, but also because they can add diversity to your workout and they offer good support for beginners.

They are also perfect to use for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and improving balance. The best exercise balls help to strengthen the core, improve balance and posture, improve coordination, and relieve back pain. There are many unique, fun and challenging workouts involving exercise balls you can choose from.

Exercise balls are fun to use and can also add a good level of challenge to any workout. The one I purchased was from Decathlon and cost approx. £7.99 and was the largest one they stocked. A downside, was it didn’t come with a pump so I had to purchase this separately, but it was also very cheap at under £2. I would highly recommend investing in a gym ball as they can be used in limited space and there are so many different ways they can be used.

If you are wanting a demo or any idea’s on using this cheap, easy, awesome piece of kit, then take a peak at my Instagram page @freedomfitness101, and click that like button or drop me a comment for any advice or questions. Lets share our passion and connect within fitness. Here are a range of different coloured balls with a pump included.


Author: Freedom Click

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