Resistance Bands – Review

These resistance bands are extremely easy to use and very cheap to buy. If you are just starting out, or a bit shy about joining the gym,then look no further than giving these a try.

When I first started to workout, these were the first things I purchased for my home gym. I wanted my own set up within my home and these were an easy and cheap way to start. The thought of joining a gym was something that used to fill me with dread as I am very self conscious and did’t like the idea of people watching me workout.I also liked having my own space and to be honest, gyms always put me off as I wasn’t sure how to use the equipment and didn’t want people laughing at me,gyms can be very intimidating places for a novice. Once I got started I loved it, it was just me, my music and resistance bands.

The bands help to build muscle because they create resistance, without adding dead weight like dumbbells or kettle bells. There is a number of workouts you can do that are designed to target the whole body. I personally like squats and doing abdominal sequences but they can also be used for bicep curls, leg curls, rowing techniques, back exercises and many more. I have used them for a long time now, and trust me you do notice the difference after using them, providing you purchase the correct resistance for your ability and progressively increase the bands resistance. Obviously eating and drinking clean helps too, nutrition is so important to get the results you want.

Whenever the wife and I go away on holiday I can easily pop these in my suitcase as they are so light and hardly take up any space. I now also use them in conjunction with a gym whenever I stay at a hotel that has one. I’am now no longer too shy to go in for a session and if I can do it, so can you. It’s simple to get started. The only downside is knowing the right resistance for you to start with, but there are helpful guides online that can help you make an informed choice. The biggest bonus is you can use them anywhere and they even fit in your pocket!

I personally like and use Dyna-Band resistance bands (purple one pictured) and have found them really durable. You find them for a good price on Amazon here:


Author: Freedom Click

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