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Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz

My wife has had this fitness DVD for a couple of years and I have joined her on a number of occasions and I have to say I am really surprised how motivating this workout is and it does provide a good overall HIIT session.

Back in January last year my wife and I decided to give Joe Wick’s ‘lean in 15’ a go and coupled that with doing this DVD as part of our training routine. After the first month we noticed a significant change in our bodies and my wife in particular had great results going down 2 dress sizes. I myself was definitely getting much leaner and starting to see the results I had always wanted. Despite these great results we then had a bump in the road which was devastating to us (another miscarriage) and we fell off the fitness wagon.

Recently since returning to the UK my wife has decided to start up the fitness again, so to support her I have started to join her with her workouts using Charlotte Crosby’s workout DVD. My wife prefers this to the insanity ones as she feels this one is more motivating and fun (if you can call HIIT training fun!), despite having completed the workout numerous times she never seems bored of it and to be honest I am the same.

I decided to blog about this DVD today as this morning we managed to motivate the in-laws to both have a go. What is great about this workout is there is a modifier so for beginners they can still access the workout at a pace that suits them. Both of my in-laws are in their 60’s and they managed to complete 9 of the 12 rounds. My father-in-law did all of the workout without modifying and my mother-in-law despite having some mobility issues managed to complete the majority of the modifier exercises.

For anyone who has ever used the excuses of not having time to workout or being able to afford the gym, I cannot recommend this workout more!  The workout starts with an easy to follow warm up and then there are 12 rounds in total where you work for 3 minutes. It uses many boxing style exercises like punches and skipping with resistance exercises mixed in. The best thing as well is you can get this DVD for just £10.97 currently on Amazon. If you have wanted to do something about your weight and finally reach your fitness goals then this workout is probably for you (obviously you also need to follow the right nutrition to really get the results you want!).

Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz


Myprotein Vegan Blend- Review



High quality protein -check, good amount of protein per serving – check, value for money – check, Taste – no no no not so good! I have sampled a number of protein powders in the last couple of years, but was really surprised at the misleading flavour of this one. Although not a vegan, I decided to give this one a go as it was the only Myprotein stocked by the shop and I didn’t want to wait for online delivery. I have had the other non-vegan powders from this brand before and they taste great, so I didn’t think this would be any different.

I originally chose this brand as it is recommended by Joe Wicks the body coach as it has the right levels of protein, fat and carbohydrates to get the results desired from his ‘Lean in 15’ programme. I was always into making my own and experimenting with coco powder, thanks to the mother In-Law’s baking. Coco powder, banana , peanut butter a drizzle of honey and some semi skimmed milk – you should give it a try! I was surprised at the high protein content in coco powder, however you won’t be getting any other benefits like you would with this protein powder. There are a varieties of flavours; apple, blueberry, berry, banana and a particular favourite (although not as good on the nutrition levels) chocolate brownie flavour.

I would certainly recommend giving Myprotein brand a go as they do offer some great tasting protein products, I would however give the vegan blend a miss unless you are a lover of pea protein and the sour taste it gives in these shakes.


Beast Rope – Review



You really have to give this Beast Skipping rope a look, you will be skipping your way to fitness and feeling great within yourself in no time. Release that inner beast. For incredible cardio hit sessions, preparing you for whatever field you are in, whether you’re a boxer, into karate, or just simply love doing cardio, this will definitely have your heart skipping a beat. 

The Beast rope is suitable for all ages and genders, once you have mastered the basics of skipping it is very easy to use. Trust me, I have never been into skipping so I did find myself whipping the backs of my legs at times, (ouch) I hear you say. It is very lightweight, durable and flexible, so this isn’t going to sting as much, as the wire has a protective coating that provides protection from those lashings. There is an awesome adjustable mechanism so that even the smallest to the tallest can use it, not all skipping ropes you come across have this, I thought it was very handy and clever.

Not only is this rope under £15, which I find extremely cheap for something thats going to last as it has the adjustable feature, there is also a very long list of customer reviews (all good), thats what swung it for me. You can’t beat good honest customer feedback, hence the reason I created this blog site. It does come with a really cool little drawstring bag to store your rope in, this allows you to take it out and about easily, there is even room to pop your mobile and wallet. I highly recommend using it, there are no negatives and  I couldn’t rave about it more. Have a look on the link bellow for a absolute deal.

Under Armour running shoes – Review

Well I just felt like running…with these moss green (my favourite colour at the moment) running trainers you will definitely feel as though you are running on the clouds. They are very comfortable as they have compressed foam cushioning which allows you to explode off the tarmac during your runs. They are also very supportive of your feet due  to the foam being flexible and form fitting.

Instead of the usual lacing these trainers have a rail fit lacing system which has moveable loops that slide back and forth for a completely adjustable fit, saving you getting tied up in knots and being able to run in style.

The downside is if the heavens open during your run, you are going to find yourself with soggy feet, but if you are a gym bunny then these should cause you no problems running on those treadmills.

Under Armour running shoes – you can purchase them here!






Gym Exercise Ball – Review

gymballExercise balls are a perfect addition to your regular workout routine. Not only because they are cheap to buy, but also because they can add diversity to your workout and they offer good support for beginners.

They are also perfect to use for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and improving balance. The best exercise balls help to strengthen the core, improve balance and posture, improve coordination, and relieve back pain. There are many unique, fun and challenging workouts involving exercise balls you can choose from.

Exercise balls are fun to use and can also add a good level of challenge to any workout. The one I purchased was from Decathlon and cost approx. £7.99 and was the largest one they stocked. A downside, was it didn’t come with a pump so I had to purchase this separately, but it was also very cheap at under £2. I would highly recommend investing in a gym ball as they can be used in limited space and there are so many different ways they can be used.

If you are wanting a demo or any idea’s on using this cheap, easy, awesome piece of kit, then take a peak at my Instagram page @freedomfitness101, and click that like button or drop me a comment for any advice or questions. Lets share our passion and connect within fitness. Here are a range of different coloured balls with a pump included.

Resistance Bands – Review

These resistance bands are extremely easy to use and very cheap to buy. If you are just starting out, or a bit shy about joining the gym,then look no further than giving these a try.

When I first started to workout, these were the first things I purchased for my home gym. I wanted my own set up within my home and these were an easy and cheap way to start. The thought of joining a gym was something that used to fill me with dread as I am very self conscious and did’t like the idea of people watching me workout.I also liked having my own space and to be honest, gyms always put me off as I wasn’t sure how to use the equipment and didn’t want people laughing at me,gyms can be very intimidating places for a novice. Once I got started I loved it, it was just me, my music and resistance bands.

The bands help to build muscle because they create resistance, without adding dead weight like dumbbells or kettle bells. There is a number of workouts you can do that are designed to target the whole body. I personally like squats and doing abdominal sequences but they can also be used for bicep curls, leg curls, rowing techniques, back exercises and many more. I have used them for a long time now, and trust me you do notice the difference after using them, providing you purchase the correct resistance for your ability and progressively increase the bands resistance. Obviously eating and drinking clean helps too, nutrition is so important to get the results you want.

Whenever the wife and I go away on holiday I can easily pop these in my suitcase as they are so light and hardly take up any space. I now also use them in conjunction with a gym whenever I stay at a hotel that has one. I’am now no longer too shy to go in for a session and if I can do it, so can you. It’s simple to get started. The only downside is knowing the right resistance for you to start with, but there are helpful guides online that can help you make an informed choice. The biggest bonus is you can use them anywhere and they even fit in your pocket!

I personally like and use Dyna-Band resistance bands (purple one pictured) and have found them really durable. You find them for a good price on Amazon here:

DS Compact Body Rack- Review


This bodyweight rack is extremely easy to set up and use. It arrives flat packed (everyone loves a flatpack!) and is easy to assembly, that even I didn’t need the wife for this one. It is nice and compact, reaching 226cm high – so you won’t be skimming the ceilings (I don’t and am 6ft 4). It is 99cm wide, allowing for ease of placement in most areas of your house or apartment. The frame is constructed of 100% steel and weighs in at 42kg. It can handle a maximum weight of 130kg (287lbs) so you know it is going to stand firm.

This piece of equipment is designed to target a lot of upper areas of the body, which allows you to give those legs a rest after leg day! This rack allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, for example; chin ups (underhand, overhand & neutral grips), dips, press-ups, and core strengthening (leg/knee raises).

I have personally found this to be a very useful bit of kit to have in my home gym, as it is so versatile. Since getting this equipment I haven’t had the need to consider joining a gym and wasting my money each month on a gym membership or having the hassle of leaving the house to work out. This means I can fit my workouts in easily, leaving me more time to do other things. Whats the cost? £119 from Decathlon, but I’m sure there are other providers who may sell this product so I would recommend shopping around first. Was it worth it? Absolutely! – I love it.








Review – Wireless Powerbeats 3

The Wireless Powerbeats 3 are perfect for making you feel free when it comes to working out, or just simply going for a jog. There’s nothing worse than getting into a tangle with wires whilst running down the street or visiting the gym. These earphones will definitely get you into that zone when listening to your favourite tracks. I find myself pushing that extra little bit harder due to the amazing sound quality penetrating through my ears, they certainly allow you to drop some beats.

They are really easy to use, just by pressing and holding the button in on the earphones they will switch on and a light will appear to show you they are on. Then, all you need to do is switch on your Bluetooth through your mobile device, and you are ready to experience high quality sound.

With a very impressive 12 hours battery life once fully charged, this is going to allow you to workout or just enjoy your day without interruption. Even a 5 minute charge is going to give you 1 hour of juice. They are water resistant which is great for those of you who like to work up a sweat either running, doing cardio hit sessions, or giving it your all in the gym. You can receive calls through them and chat away (I’ve never had issues with call quality through them), control your music, also asking Siri anything through active Remote Talk. The price varies, but I think they are very reasonable and you can get a bargain when shopping around online.

What are the downsides? One small thing personally for me, is once I start to warm up the wire tends to stick to the back of my neck. This causes one earpiece to start slowly dropping out of my ear which can get annoying. Obviously everyone one is different so it might not even happen to you, however its something worth taking on board.


Review – Fitbit Charge 2

For my first review I have decided that the Fitbit Charge 2 is well worth talking to you about. I have owned one of these for the last 6 months and will never look back. As I have found a passion for fitness, this has definitely inspired and motivated me to keep going.

Ok, so what do I think is so good about it? It is very lightweight, and adjustable depending on how tight you like to wear your Fitbit. The face is small, not bulky, so I’m not always catching it on everything, as I can be kinda clumsy at times. I love the fact you can change the straps with a variety of different colours to match your wardrobe and the features are amazing once you have connected the Fitbit to your smartphone/iPhone. From monitoring your heart rate, to tracking your steps, you can also make note of your calorie and fluid intake throughout the course of the day. It  will even give you an insight to your sleeping habits, as it will monitor you while you sleep, this has made for some interesting conversations with the wife in the mornings!

Now for the bad bits…although the things I find frustrating are available if you want to splash some more cash for the more recent model I’m still going to talk to you about them. The first thing is it not being waterproof, there is nothing worse than stepping into the soothing steam of a hot shower to suddenly realise you’ve left your Fitbit on and having to rush out in a panic, certainly not good for the heart rate figures! The final thing that has disappointed me is not being able to answer calls through it, instead, you can see that someone is calling, which is helpful, but again the heart rate figures go through the roof while you fumble through your gym bag for your phone.

To sum up, the Fitbit charge 2 is a great starter fitness watch if you want to monitor your heart rate through the burn of your cardio sessions and don’t want anything too protruding off your wrist, that will interfere with your workout. Its smooth, lightweight and easy to use and doesn’t put too big a hole in your bank balance.

You can find it here on Amazon!